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From award-winning heritage, the SP Sport Maxx 050+ is Dunlop's latest ultra-high performance sports tyre designed for the driving and car enthusiast alike.

Providing the ultimate in high speed stability, cornering and handling, with superb grip and wet weather performance, the SP Sport Maxx 050+ brings together the latest in tyre technology to truly deliver an outstanding driving experience.


- Delivers exceptional control, grip and steering response in both wet and dry conditions

- Provides optimum road contact for high braking force and maximum cornering grip

- Maximum riding control with high speed straight line stability for sporty handling and manoeuvring

- Improves adhesion to the road surface for enhanced grip and wet weather performance

- The optimised groove distribution helps rapidly clear water to help resist hydroplaning for maximum stability and control in the wet


- Innovative Asymmetric Design

- High Grip Shoulder Blocks

- Centred Straight Rib

-Optimised Silica Compound

- Wide Water Evacuation Grooves

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