Fuel Injection Services

The fuel injection system is needed for admitting fuel into the internal combustion engine. There are many benefits of a fuel-injected car including smoother and more dependable engine response during quick throttle changes, easier and more reliable engine starting, better operation at extremely high or low ambient temperatures, increased maintenance intervals, and increased fuel efficiency.

Fuel System Warning Signs

  • Your vehicle is operating at reduced performance levels
  • Your vehicle accomplishing poor fuel mileage
  • Your vehicle may experience starting troubles

At KarPro Tyre & Auto we generally recommend performing a fuel injection service every 40,000km, however if your vehicle is used mostly for city driving and if you do a lot of “stop and go” driving, then it may be advisable to perform this service every 20,000 km.

Man checking engine

All vehicles, including trailers, caravans and motorcycles, which are driven or towed on NSW roads, must be registered. KarPro is an authorised RMS Inspection Station

We offer a first class service & repair facility and provide you with a dealer type service at affordable prices. We undertake all types of work, from servicing, replacing timing belts and full engine diagnostics

Since Australian laws have changed, independent service centres can carry out new car servicing without making your warranty invalid. Call KarPro today and make an appointment for your next Log Book Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your Car Losing Power?
Over time, carbon deposits build up on engine valves, which can cause an extreme drop in performance and fuel economy. If your car does not have the power or fuel economy it had before, a Fuel Injection Service may be needed.

Performing an extensive Fuel Injection Service will ensure the fuel and intake systems, catalytic convertor, combustion chambers, and engine valves are thoroughly cleaned and working at optimum levels. At KarPro Tyre & Auto, we have highly qualified and skilled technicians who are trained to carry out this service with the right equipment.
Can Fuel Additives Fix my Car’s Loss of Power?
Although we recommend fuel additives as part of your service schedule and our preventative maintenance programs , Fuel additives alone are largely ineffective when there is carbon build up on valves and piston rings. They only target the fuel injectors and are not concentrated enough to clean away stubborn carbon build-up.

They actually do very little to address the other areas that are arguably more important than the fuel injectors. If you do experience any improvements it is only rectifying a small portion of the problem and further work will need to be carried out to rectify the issue.