Man on a steering wheel

Steering & Suspension Repairs

Your Steering and Suspension are probably two of the most important systems in your vehicle and need to be maintained over time.

If you start hearing squeaking or clunking from underneath the vehicle, you feel vibrations when travelling at high speeds or perhaps start experiencing a bumpy ride on a flat road, then it may be time to check your suspension.

We are Suspension Specialists

Each suspension includes shock absorbers and springs. The most usual types of springs are Coil, Leaf, Air and Torsion bars – all of which are provided by KarPro Tyre & Auto.

The rear springs do most of the work and are the key elements in providing a more comfortable ride by maintaining stability throughout changing road conditions.

Car steering and suspension system
Car suspension system

CV Joint & Boot Service

Each front-wheel drive and some rear-wheel drive vehicles have a Constant Velocity (CV) axle consisting of two Constant Velocity joints. The main task of this CV axle is to smoothly transfer the torque from the engine to the wheels of your vehicle.

When the CV joint rubber boot cracks, it can no longer protect the CV joints from dirt and moisture. When dirt gets into the unit, the parts begin to wear and cause the joints to fail and stop working. If you start to hear a clicking noise, this usually means that there is a crack in your boot.

No matter what type of car you drive, the trained steering and suspension technicians at KarPro Tyre & Auto will be able to access and repair anything your vehicle’s front or rear suspension requires.

Our comprehensive 20 point suspension and CV joint check will allow us to report any component that isn’t performing as it should. This will provide you with peace of mind driving, prevent premature tyre wear, and ensure safe vehicle performance.