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Exhaust & Muffler Repairs

At KarPro Tyre & Auto, we know Exhaust systems. Whether you need a clamp fixed on your muffler, or you are interested in replacing your whole exhaust systems, we can provide quality service and products.

With highly trained exhaust technicians who can fit exhaust systems and mufflers to any vehicle make or model, we are the place to bring your vehicle for all your exhaust system needs!

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter reduces harmful emissions from engine exhaust. It uses a combination of heat and metals that act as catalysts. A catalyst is a metal (or chemical) that causes other chemicals to go through a reaction without being affected by itself.

The inside of the catalytic converter consists of metals like aluminium oxide and platinum palladium which work to create a reaction between carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to produce water vapour and carbon dioxide, which is much less harmful to the atmosphere.

Car muffler system
Car muffler


The muffler works to quiet the engine's noise, and there are generally two kinds of mufflers. One uses baffled chambers to reduce noise, in which the sound waves bounce off the baffles and expend their energy inside the muffler, losing force and volume.

The other type forces the exhaust straight through a perforated pipe that contains metal, fibreglass, or some other kind of sound-absorbing material. The design of this muffler is to reduce backpressure (exhaust going back up the pipes) and consequently makes a little more noise.

Common Signs of Wear:

  • Exhaust manifolds and gaskets: cracks or small holes could cause exhaust leaks, affecting both safety and performance
  • Oxygen sensors: cracks, damaged wires, or blocked intakes could cause incorrect fuel/air mixture adjustments and poor fuel economy
  • Catalytic converters: overheating, dents, clogs, or corrosion could cause air pollution, excessive noise and rough idle
  • Resonators and mufflers: excessive rust or holes could cause air pollution, excessive noise and a rough idle
  • Pipes, hangers, clamps, and brackets: excessive rust or broken bolts could cause parts to hang dangerously low, resulting in a hazard for the people driving behind you

Upgrading your car or auto exhaust system is a great way to build horsepower, free up trapped torque and improve anemic-sounding factory systems. The larger pipes, low-restriction mufflers, and tuned resonators of a well-designed performance exhaust system can make a world of difference on your vehicle.

We house all the best brands from Flow master exhaust, Gibson exhaust, and many other premium manufacturers, so come in for a free quote from our specialist’s technicians.

Car muffler