Pirelli Tyres


Pirelli Tyres

Excellent reliability and safe performances Off road it is tenacious and reliable.

On road it provides comfort, excellent traction and resistance to wear. A versatile and safe tyre, the SCORPION ATR features a tread with a specific self-cleaning pattern.

It facilitates the most demanding off-road driving and resists the hardest shocks on uneven surfaces. Once back on the road it provides safety when braking and whilst cornering.

It delivers a high resistance to aquaplaning and low rolling noise, which enhances the acoustic comfort in the cabin. Excellent traction in all road conditions.

Characterisation as an all terrain tyre, this is confirmed by its ability to provide a safe and controlled performance on the most diverse surfaces, from gravel to mud, it offers a reassuring grip.

SCORPION ATR features the M+S marking engraved on the sidewall.


- Improved traction and braking efficiency

- Continuous traction in off road situations

- High resistance to damage


- Wide, rugged shoulder blocks

- Curved central grooves

- Robust carcass and reinforced sidewall area

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