Kumho Tyres


Kumho Tyres

Modern and stylish all terrain tyre with 60,000km guarantee for modern day SUVs


- Excellent all terrain tread with long mileage

- Tread compound balance for driving performance and tread life whilst also giving improved performance on wet roads

- Optimised construction delivers even tread wear

- Excellent all terrain tread

- Long, even tread wear

- Improved performance on wet roads


- Maximum aquaplaning resistance  

- Four channel grooves for improved performance on wet roads  

- Serrated side blocks for superb water drainage on wet roads

- Straight driving stability

- Longitudinal centre ribs for high speed driving stability

- Optimal quietness & comfortable ride  

- Variable pitch sequencing

- 3D block design  

- Uneven wear resistance and mud drainage

- Stone ejector bar applied in between the blocks

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