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Better never settles. Bridgestone has developed Potenza Sport as the new flagship sport road tyre to give the driver confidence and control.

From the new compound and crown technology to a custom tread pattern and carcass design, every feature of Potenza Sport is optimised to meet the high expectation of drivers who demand power with confidence.


- Provides rigidity and lateral stiffness for superb stability during cornering and straight running

- Optimised contact pressure and water evacuation for ultimate wet performance

- Increased shear stiffness with benefits in wet braking and abrasion resistance

- Supports steering response and stability plus optimises rolling resistance

- Maximises contact area with the road for enhanced grip and stability


- Asymmetric wall angle on ribs and new hybrid crown reinforcement belt

- Optimised rib and void distribution with variable rib profile

- Innovative 3D sipes

- Sporty carcass package featuring tailored textiles, bead filler and shape

- High performance profile shape

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