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Potenza RE-71RS

Bridgestone Tyres


This street-legal semi-slick has been engineered to deliver the performance enthusiasts demand on the track, while still providing practicality for everyday use, removing the need for a separate set of tyres for the track and the road.

The improvements to performance, wear life and everyday noise levels make it a prime choice for track enthusiasts.


- Deep penetration of tread into the road surface maximises contact area and grip

- Improved steering response unifying the driver with the car

- Maximise rigidity and surface area for maximum dry grip

- High wear resistance and durability, particularly on track

- High-level water drainage


- New high grip polymer

- Low-angle grooves and advanced rigid pattern layout

- Two narrow outer grooves and slick shoulder block

- Asymmetric tread profile with uniform contact pressure

- Two wide main grooves on inner

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