Mickey Thompson Tyres


Mickey Thompson Tyres


70% Road & Sand, 30% Dirt & Mud

The Mickey All-Terrain38 features an all new open void all-terrain tread pattern, unique chemically-coupled silica compound and a durable construction, making it suitable as an upgrade for today's four wheel drivers and utes.

Also available in Mickey Thompson's SUV construction for less off-road use.


- The tiny incisions that suck up and squeeze water out from the tread, are angled to reduce the depth at the edge of the tread block, increasing cut and chip resistance.

- Tire bars link the tread blocks together for higher ride stability for the best possible driving response.

- Self-clean and assist in additional off-road traction.

- Aid in reducing stone retention for improved cut and chip resistance.

- Breaks up the terrain for additional sidewall protection and traction.


- Generous micro gauge sipes

- Tire bars

- Angled shoulder scallops

- Tread edge chamfers

- Two-pitch sidebiter

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