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Maxxis Tyres

The MAZ4S is an all-season UHP tyre designed for superb wet weather performance.

It features aggressive directional grooves to channel water away with great efficiency to ensure ultimate peace of mind when driving in wet weather conditions.

The MAZ4S features a robust construction for maximum high-speed stability and driving confidence.

Ultra-high performance all-season tyre designed for drivers who demand sporty handling with all-season traction.


- Provide high speed stability

- Improved handling on dry and wet roads

- Maximises ride refinement and durability

- Expel water for enhanced hydroplaning resistance and wet traction

- Minimises noise for a quiet, comfortable ride


- Solid centre rib designed

- V-shaped unidirectional grooves

- Jointless spiral-wound cap ply

- Four circumferential main grooves

- Five pitch tread blocks and 2-in-1 groove design

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