Austone Tyres


Austone Tyres

- Excellent grip

- Durability

- Traction


- Provide massive off-the-road traction

- Enhances mud or snow grip

- Prevent mud and snow buildup

- Prevents stone retention and penetration

- Additional forward traction in deep mud and snow condition

- Excellent chip & cut resistance

- Protects the sidewall from cutting and snagging

- Helps maintain grip on wet surfaces

- Reduces noise effectively

- Provides great on-road comfort


- Computer designed blocks with multi-biting edge

- The optimised ledged groove walls

- Stone ejector

- Open, scalloped shoulder block combined with over-the-shoulder tread design

- Aggressive tread blocks with high scrub compound

- Extensive and tough over-the-shoulder tread

- Deep siping in the tread blocks

- Optimum groove spacing

- Optimum blocks layout

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