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Maxxis Tyres

Designed to conquer the most extreme off-road terrain with ease.

The Trepador M8060 range (with both radial and bias ply sizes available) features an ultra-aggressive tread pattern and sidewall design to provide traction in harsh off-road conditions.


- Aggressive directional tread design ensures uniform tread contact and sure-footed handling.

- Multi-curve tread siping provides excellent traction on loose dirt, enhanced braking and improved driving performance.

- Robust edge blocks provide excellent all-terrain traction, outstanding self-cleaning ability and unbeatable puncture resistance.


- RadialDesigned for the rigors of high-speed off-roading, the Trepador Radial features high-strength materials in a robust radial design for maximum puncture resistance and high-speed stability.

- Staggered shoulder blocks and multi-curve siping provide extra traction edges for additional traction bite on difficult terrain.

- BiasDesigned to conquer off-road terrain with ease, the Trepador Bias features a conformable bias ply casing with ultra aggressive sidewall design for excellent off-road traction on sand and rocks.

- To improve on-road stability and performance, the tyre also features nylon belt reinforcement for extra high-speed stability while improving puncture resistance.

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