Kumho Tyres


Kumho Tyres

Developed for ultimate sports cars. Road Hazard Warranty


- Born from Kumho's motorsport pedigree, the PS91 provides the ultimate in high-speed driving safety and cornering.

- The ECSTA PS91 delivers enhanced grip, braking ability, high-speed durability and uniform ride qualities.

- The new range is available for 19 and 20-inch rim diameters with a speed rating over 300km/h

- A tread compound developed specifically for ultra high performance

- Excellent levels of wet and dry traction for superior handling and braking


- Different in / out pattern design  

- Immediate handling response by wide shoulder and rib-type centre block design

- Maximised tyre grip and block stiffness of rear tyres with optimised groove pattern design  

- Ideal for staggered fitment

- (Y) Speed rating  - Stable durability and running performance at over 300km/h  * (Y) Speed rating = the highest speed rating for tyres with speed capability over 300km/h

- Tread design  - Three dimensional block (C-Cut 3D) and the high-stiffness advanced belt package are applied to deliver high speed stability

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