Mickey Thompson Tyres


Mickey Thompson Tyres

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The new Deegan 38 tyre from Mickey Thompson, designed in cooperation with racing icon Brian Deegan, is the ultimate all-purpose mud terrain tyre with aggressive style and performance.

Extra Protective Layer

An extra nylon belt (in most light truck sizes) is laid between the tread and the steel belts to add strength.

It also reduces moisture transfer into the steel belts, a common cause of delamination through cuts and drilling.


- The tiny incisions that suck up and squeeze water out from the tread, increase cut and chip resistance and improve wet grip on-road.

- Stop mud from getting stuck, improving the tyre's ability to self clean.

- Combined with the large outer voids, scalloped shoulder lugs help to clean out more mud, improving off-road traction.


- Micro-Gauge sipes

- Large outer voids

- Scalloped shoulder lugs

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