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The Mastercraft Courser AXT is a true all-terrain tyre that delivers a progressive 5-rib tread design, off-road capabilities, confident highway control and wear, and balanced all-weather performance.


Aggressive 5-Rib All-Terrain Tread Design  

- With 12% more lateral grooves, the tread pattern of the Courser AXT was designed to tackle tough off-road terrains while providing superior on-road performance and handling.

Paired Intermediate Tread Elements  

- The intermediate tread elements are tied together in pairs, with our ramp-lock design.

- This ramped feature helps reduce stone retention by pushing gravel towards the wide, circumferential grooves for easy release.

Wide, Zig-Zag Circumferential Grooves

- The wide, zig-zag shape of the circumferential grooves provides increased soft surface and snow traction.

Aggressive Buttress / Shoulder Design  

- The buttress design with alternating shoulder scallops gives the Courser AXT an aggressive look and increases the off-road traction of the tyre.

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