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Maxxis Tyres

Showcasing the Maxxis RAZR AT811! A worthy companion to the RAZR MT772.

Engineered using the know-how Maxxis has gained from years of research in the off-road and all-terrain tyre market, the Maxxis RAZR AT811 is cutting edge in every way!


- Excellent off-road traction and water drainage in wet weather conditions.

- Provides optimal traction in muddy conditions and protect the sidewall from cuts and punctures.

- Assists with traction in heavy off-road conditions  - especially when being driven at lower inflation pressures.

- Enhance traction in harsh off-road conditions.

- Reduces the possibility of stones lodging between tread blocks and damaging the tyre casing.

- Excellent cornering ability on and off the road, as well as further improving puncture resistance.

- Improves cornering ability and ensures optimal puncture resistance.

- Excellent ride comfort  - especially on unpaved roads.

- Provides further puncture resistance in off-road conditions.


- 'Blade' shaped tread block design

- Aggressive sidebiter lugs

- Unique shoulder lug design

- 'Saw edge' shoulder blocks

- A unique stone-ejecting shoulder groove

- Dual-layer high tension cap ply

- The high-strength polyester carcass construction

- A high elasticity lower sidewall filler compound

- The 3 ply sidewall construction

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