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Maxxis Tyres

The Maxxis AT700 is a typical all-terrain tyre with a 70% on-road, 30% off-road combination.

Engineered to endure the harsh conditions of the Australian climate and land, it is everything that anybody would want in a 4_4 all-terrain tyre and more!


- Excellent tread stiffness, even wear, and high steering stability.

- Minimise road noise and ensures excellent off-road performance.

- Excellent hydroplaning resistance and minimised rock retention.

- Exceptional off-road traction.

- Improved wet and dry performance, optimised wear, and excellent mileage.


- 3D tread blocks

- Multi-pitch tread pattern

- Four U-shaped circumferential tread grooves

- Staggered shoulder lugs

- Optimised sipe design

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