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The asymmetric all season tread design offers precision handling in all conditions, even at the limit. A solid center rib gives a constant and consistent contact patch with the road, while requiring shorter braking distances and offering quicker acceleration in both dry and wet conditions. Four longitudinal and numerous lateral grooves minimize the risk of aquaplaning when cornering. Silica compounding offers a superior balance of fuel efficiency and wet road control. P ZERO NERO ALL SEASON has a 45,000 mile limited tread wear warranty (mileage warranty not valid for original equipment). Available in run flat technology PRODUCT STRENGTH Constant performance and comfort along all tyre life. Improved mileage and excellent handling in wet and dry conditions. TECHNICAL ATTRIBUTES Large outer shoulder: high cornering stability. Wide continuous ribs and asymmetric design: fast cornering reaction and improved handling. Optimized tread compound: high mileage and sporting driving. New wheel profile: safe braking in wet and dry conditions.



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