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Safety and comfort in winter conditions Cinturato Winter 2 is the latest product of the total renewed Cinturato family developed to fit modern CAR and CUV vehicles. GRIP PERFORMANCE Long lasting performance on snow throughout the life of the tyre thanks to the 3D sipes adaptive technology. In a new tyre the sipes are linear but when it gets worn they transform themselves assuming a zig-zag shape that ensures a constant grip and its ability to capture snow. MILEAGE High mileage improvement* with high performance target in wet and snow. COMFORT Enjoy winter season with a more silent tyre thanks to a strong reduction of generated noise vs previous product. SAFETY Confidence and safe performance in winter conditions guaranteed by T�V certification.


Variable grooves' section New interlocking 3D sipes with straight design Multiactive 4D sipes Innovative compound Main grooves chamfers Staggared V-shaped design


Wider and drafted on the shoulder, narrower in the centre to enhance handling and reduce aquahandling. Increased grip on snow with great improvement in braking performances in all conditions. Straight edge for enhanced snow handling. High mileage combined to high level performance in wet and snow conditions. Second flow for water evacuation to reduce aquaplaning. Improved snow and aquaplaning performance.

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