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Peace of mind and all-year safety New CINTURATO ALL SEASON SF 2 is the ideal choice for drivers who are looking for an innovative mobility solution. The new generation All Season 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) product has been designed to achieve enhanced product performance in both urban and touring conditions, with a special focus on mileage and safety in all weather conditions. The 3PMSF marking guarantees perfect usability in both summer and winter, in compliance with the local legislation (where they apply), so you no longer have to worry about the seasonal tyre change. With CINTURATO ALL SEASON SF 2 you'll enjoy a premium, comfortable and safe driving experience all year. It's also available (in selected sizes) with extended mobility technology: Seal Inside and Run Flat.


First class comfort and mileage Outstanding wet and dry performance Excellent performance on snow surfaces


The optimised pitch sequence reduces noise for a comfortable driving experience. High mileage is achieved, thanks to excellent pressure distribution and uniform mechanical stress. The new adaptive compound is able to provide maximum levels of performance in a wide range of temperatures. The V-shaped tread design with central zig-zag grooves improves safety, including in aquaplaning situations. The optimised positioning, depth and length of the 3D sipes enhances grip on snow.

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