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40% Road & Sand, 60% Dirt & Mud Extreme off-roaders will appreciate the great ride and handling that this mud tyre has on the highway. The Baja MTZ has Mickey Thompson's PowerPly technology with a special angled third ply to give you high performance handling, better puncture resistance and improved towing capability. Extra Protective Layer An extra nylon belt (in most light truck sizes) is laid between the tread and the steel belts to add strength. It also reduces moisture transfer into the steel belts, a common cause of delamination through cuts and drilling.


Aggressive sidebiters Flex Grooves Mud Scoops & Angled scalloped shoulder lugs Stone Ejectors & Variable Draft Angles


Dig deeper improving traction and reducing sidewall damage while on any terrain. Enable the sidewall to compress better while aired down for imrpoved traction and reduced chance of sidewall damage. Self-clean and assist in additional off-road traction. Fling dirt and small stones out of the tyre, ensuring they don't drill through to the carcass reducing the chance of tyre damage.

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