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100% Off-Road Completely redesigned, with plenty of new features added, the TTC tyre is ready to handle the toughest race conditions. The 54-inch Baja Claw TTC is an ultra aggressive off-road performance tyre with an advanced bias belted construction specially designed for rugged off-road use including rock crawling, mud, snow, sand, dirt and gravel. Features Bias belted construction meaning the Claw TTC is ready for all terrains ranging from rock crawling to mud, snow, sand, dirt and gravel. Aggressive directional Claw sidebiters to tear through loose surfaces and to provide rock crawling bite. Deep shoulder lugs and integrated concave blades to disperse mud. Durable and cut-resistance T5 compound. Decoupling elements and multi-angled siping for maximum flexibility and traction on smooth rock surfaces.



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