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Super Traction Tyre 80% Dirt & Mud, 20% Road & Sand Put through its paces by Cooper Tires engineers across more than 1,000,000kms of testing throughout Australia's harshest terrains, the STT PRO delivers unprecedented traction and performance off-road without sacrificing its on-road capabilities. The STT Pro was punished through countless outback terrains from the Strezelecki Track, through Cordillo Downs in the Simpson Desert Region, and up to the Gibb River Road through the Kimberley region. Test data was taken back to America to create the next generation mud tyre. It's this constant improvement, over many years, developing technology that puts Cooper generations ahead of its rivals. Unique tread design The STT PRO's unique hybrid tread design, consisting of an alternating 3-2 tread pattern and a Mud-Flex feature, delivers extreme off-road performance. New to the tyre is a flex groove, generating a point in the tyre allowing more flexibility, dampening the impact generated by inconsistent terrain. Using advanced technology in tread design, the STT PRO is equipped to make its way through mud, dirt, rock and gravel. The tread design includes lug scallops, mud scoops and mud release dimples to discard mud and prevent it from sticking between the tread blocks. Similarly, strategically placed raised rubber ribs and pads paired with angled groove walls reduce the chance for stones and gravel to get trapped in the tread. The STT PRO also features wide lateral grooves to aid self-cleaning as well as side biters to enhance traction when maximum grip is critical. Coupled silica compound The STT PRO's compound formula is chemically optimised to reduce cutting and chipping while improving wet traction and fuel efficiency. The STT PRO's compound is formulated with a �chemically' infused silica rather than �mechanically' so it infuses with the rubber further improving wet traction, stopping distance and fuel mileage. Additionally, the compound of the STT PRO is also infused with cut and chip additives for resistance to minimise abrasions caused by rocks and debris. Armor-Tek� carcass construction Cooper's proven Armor-Tek� construction is still 2.5 times more resistant to tearing, and gives 50% more protection against impact damage than standard 2-ply tires. The Armor-Tek� protective ply overlays the two traditional radial plies at a unique optimal angle to reduce the number of rubber gaps in the tyre� the weakest point in traditional tyres.



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