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These come the closest to your vehicle's original tyres and offer a quiet, comfortable ride. With the added benefit of having deeper treads, the Cooper H/T Plus gives you extra grip and longer tyre life. HANDLING See-through treads utilise two distinct tread patterns to get water out of the tyre faster and more effectively. EFFECTIVE WET HANDLING AND TRACTION Sweeping Lateral Grooves are designed to help direct water into the large aqua channels for effective water dispersion. Lateral grooves are up to 46.3% deeper than many other factory-fitted tyres. INCREDIBLE GRIP ON WET SLIPPERY ROADS A high number of sipes per tread block across the entire tyre allows the tyre to squeeze and contract in a wider range, meaning you get increased handling. LOW NOISE TYRE Varied Tread Block Pitch sequence is designed to reduce tread-related noise. Pitch sequence aids in steering response time.



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