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If you are thinking about the Highway Terrain (H/T), then you are probably changing the original tyres on your vehicle and looking for a better, stronger tyre that will give you more puncture resistance, lasts longer, produces extra low noise and provides a nice soft ride. QUIETER RIDE Wtih all the qualities of a �passenger' tyre, including �tread block pitch', the H/T is very quiet on the road. INCREDIBLE GRIP IN THE WET The deep tread with lateral grooves (up to 46.3% deeper than many tyres, factory-fitted with new vehicles) gives the H/T incredible grip especially in the wet. Cooper's deeper treads are made possible by the stronger steel belts inside the tyre which also give you less tread squirm and longer tread life. BETTER HANDLING The solid centre rib and close pitch shoulder rib improves steering response, giving the H/T much better handling. GREAT TYRE ON THE SAND Specifically designed to reduce �digging down', the H/T is a great sand tyre as it stays on top.



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